Bright Vision Optoelectronic Technology Company Ltd. (BVLED) is a high-tech LED manufacturer, committed to offering global customers a wide range of low-carbon, environmental friendly, and energy efficient LED light at reasonable prices.

BVLED is a professional LED light manufacturer in China. Our company offers a comprehensive line of LED products, including LED light bulb, LED tube light, LED spotlight, LED down light, LED ceiling light, and much more.

LED Grille Light
Microwave Sensor LED Tube

The brightness of the microwave sensor LED tube can be adjusted without switch or control system. It can be automatically dimmed on standby mode and can light up 100% when a moving object is detected by the built-in motion sensors.

We are a professional LED light manufacturer in China. Our company is dedicated to providing our customers with LED light bulb, LED tube light, LED down light, LED panel light, and more. In addition, underground car park intelligent lighting and management system are also available.

Smart LED Light
Sensor LED Light
LED Pendant Light
LED Down Light

The LED down light is made of high performance aluminum housing material for better heat dissipation.
As a light source it offers high brightness and low degradation SMD LED chip.

LED Tube Light

BVLED is a professional LED tube light manufacturer in China. Apart from LED tube light, we also offer LED Par light, LED down light, LED spotlight, and intelligent LED parking lot light, among others.

MR16 LED SpotLight

The MR16 LED spotlight is a powerful stage lighting instrument that uses CREE LED chips to produce glare-free light. Advanced heat dissipation technique allows the LED lighting to cool down faster than ordinary lights.

The intelligent management of energy-saving lighting and parking are perfectly combined based on HPB high-power baseband coding technology, proposing two brand-new concepts "on-demand lighting" and "intelligent parking guidance", re-interpreting "smart parking lot" concept. ...

Parking Control Center Intelligent Parking Zone Controller

The intelligent parking zone controller is used to control lighting and driveways. Each connection line can be used for a maximum of 242 parking spaces.

Outdoor LED Parking Lot Indicator

This LED parking lot indicator utilizes high brightness LEDs as light source, allowing for clear information display under direct sunlight conditions. The visual distance is longer than 20m.

Parking LED Guidance Indicator

It allows for convenient and quick parking, saves drivers' time and fuel cost.
This parking LED guidance indicator for showing parking space at three different directions can be cascade connected for use.

Intelligent LED Parking Lot Light

Our intelligent LED parking lot light is designed with a built-in ultrasonic detector, so it can offer both parking lot lighting function and parking space detecting function.
It utilizes eco-friendly, high power, white light LEDs as the light source, offering high luminous efficacy, an average lifespan of 30,000 hours. So, the intelligent LED parking lot light is low maintenance.

Intelligent LED Driveway Light

The intelligent LED drivelight light is equipped with an infrared detector, 16W consumption power.

Ultrasonic Parking Lot Detector

Through bus connection, the ultrasonic parking lot detector can achieve intelligent management on parking lot.
Automatic compensation function is available, which avoids performance unstability caused by external condition variations.

Parking Lot Status Indicator

The parking lot status indicator is used to indicate in "red" parking spaces that are occupied and "green" parking spaces that are available.

Infrared Parking Lot Light

With built-in infrared detector, the infrared parking lot light has IR detecting and lighting dual functions.
This parking lot lighting product adopts new generation high power LEDs as the light source which is environmental friendly and has high luminous efficacy, 30,000 hours lifespan. So, the light is durable and maintenance free.

BVLED – Your Smart LED Lighting Solution and Intelligent Car Park Indicator System provider. We are a High-Tech LED manufacturer and committed to offering global clients a wide range of ECO friendly and ultra-efficient LED lightings.

BVLED is a professional LED light manufacturer based in China. The wide variety of products we offer includes 9W LED down light, LED light bulb, intelligent LED parking lot light, and much more.