LED Ceiling Light

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. As a light source the LED ceiling light offers high brightness and the high power LED guarantees a long lifespan and low luminous decay.
2. It is environmentally friendly. There is no UV or IR radiation, no mercury, recycled.
3. The LED ceiling light has a long lifespan of over 35000 hours.
4. It offers high efficiency, saving 80% electricity.
5. The LED ceiling light high transparency PMMA lens guarantees an even light spot.

Technical Specifications of the LED Ceiling Light

Model No. BV-CL-1 BV-CL-6 BV-CL-9 BV-CL-12 BV-CL-36
Photo LED Ceiling Light LED Ceiling Light LED Ceiling LightLED Ceiling Light LED Ceiling Light
Power 1W 6W 9W 12W 36W
LED Source 1*1W 6*1W 9*1W 12*1W 12*3W
Input Voltage AC85-265V
Color Temperature 2800K-7500K (Optional)
Luminous Flux 70lm 380lm-420lm 630lm-670lm 855lm-875lm 1680lm-2100lm
CRI ≥70 ≥70 ≥75 ≥75 ≥70
Working Temperature -30 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Lifespan ≥35,000
Dimension Φ68×H40mm L175×W93×H42mm Φ138×H70mm Φ132×H71mm Φ160×H70mm
Housing Material Aluminum Aluminum+PMMA Aluminum+PMMA Aluminum+PMMA Aluminum+PMMA

The LED ceiling light is used in residential lighting (halls, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, passage ways, etc.) and public places (offices, supermarkets, hotels, schools, bus stations, etc).

BVLED is a specialized LED ceiling light manufacturer based in China. Our primary products include 3W 5W 7W LED light bulb, T8 LED tube light, 9W LED down light, intelligent LED parking lot light.

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