Microwave Sensor LED Tube

Microwave Sensor LED Tube

Model No.: BV-T8DG-18W/BV-T8DG-15W/BV-T8DG-12W/BV-T8DG-10W
Color: WW, PW, CW (optional)

The microwave sensor LED tube offers 100% brightness when there are people or cars passing through. After people or cars leave this place, the brightness will be dimmed to 10% so as to save power consumption. The LED tube light offers effective detection distance between 5 and 8 meter.

Technical Specifications of the Microwave Sensor LED Tube

Model No. BV-T8DG-18W BV-T8DG-15W BV-T8DG-12W BV-T8DG-10W
Power Consumption 18W 15W 12W 10W
Input Voltage AC85-265V
LED Qty. 288PCS SMD3528 240PCS SMD3528 216PCS SMD3528 144PCS SMD3528
Base G13
CT 3000-3300K/4000-4500K/6000-6600K(optional)
Luminous Flux 1600-1750lm 1330-1450lm 950-1100lm 840-950lm
CRI ≥75
Dimension Φ26*1198mm Φ26*1198mm Φ26*894mm Φ26*588mm

The brightness of the microwave sensor LED tube can be adjusted without switch or control system. It can be automatically dimmed on standby mode and can light up 100% when a moving object is detected by the built-in motion sensors. Meanwhile, the LED tube offers lower power consumption and saves energy, and is easy to install. In addition, there is no UV, Hg or other hazardous elements, so the tube is environmental friendly.

The microwave sensor LED tube is has many uses in home lighting, office lighting, public place, such as galleries, courtyard, supermarket and much more.

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