Intelligent LED Pendant Light

Intelligent LED Pendant Light

Model No.: BVDT-24P00-002/BVDT-40P00-002
Color: WW, PW, CW (optional)

Technical Specifications of the Intelligent LED Pendant Light

Model No. BVDT-24P00-002 BVDT-40P00-002
Power Consumption 24W 36W
Input Voltage AC100-277V 50/60Hz AC220-277V 50/60Hz
Color Temperature 3000-3300K/4000-4500K/6000-6600K (optional)
Luminous Flux >16000lm >2600lm
Dimension L600mm×W150mm×H65mm L1200mm×W150mm×H65mm
CRI ≥80
Working Temperature -20℃~50℃
Lifespan ≥50,000

The intelligent LED pendant light features intercommunication as the lights set in group can be lit up automatically one by one. Via a handheld remote IR programmer, the light brightness level and timing light can be programmed. The LED pendant light can automatically dim to 10-50% on standby mode and light up 100% once a moving object is detected by the built-in motion sensors. And it is easy to install.

There are a multitude of applications for the intelligent LED pendant light, for instance, it can be used in office lighting, home lighting, galleries, supermarket, courtyard, etc.

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