Smart LED Tube Light

Smart LED Tube Light

Model No.: BVDT-24P00-002

The smart LED tube light is a part of our intelligent lighting and auxiliary car park management system. It has an infrared detector and when it detects the entry of people or a car, the system can control the smart LED tube light to offer corresponding lighting and guide the people to the nearest available parking lots in the shortest amount time.

1. The intelligent management of the LED tube light makes it energy saving.
2. The smart LED tube light offers a simple and efficient modern management mode.
3. It is low-carbon, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and on-demand lighting.
4. With open standard interface, the smart LED tube light can add or remove a device according to field needs. The powerful function of software can be added or removed to meet the client's needs.

As an experienced smart LED tube light manufacturer and supplier based in China, BVLED also offers T8 LED tube light, 9W LED down light, intelligent LED parking lot light and more.

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