1W LED Spotlight

1W LED Spotlight

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. The 1W LED spotlight has an elegant shape design.
2. There is no Ng or other hazardous elements.
3. The 1W LED spotlight is easy to install.
4. It offers low power consumption, saving 52% electricity.
5. The 1W LED spotlight is a COB LED type.

Technical Specifications of the 1W LED Spotlight

Model No. BV-SL-1M
Power 1*1W
Input Voltage AC100-240V
Color Temperature 2800K-7500K
Luminous Flux 85 lm
Dimension Φ50×H52mm
CRI ≥75
Working Temperature -20℃ ~ 40 ℃
Lifespan ≥35,000hrs

The 1W LED spotlight is used indoors, in telephone cabinets, counters, showrooms, villas restaurants, hotels, meeting rooms, museums, entertainment places, etc.

As a specialized 1W LED spotlight manufacturer based in China, we also provide T8 LED tube light, 4W LED down light, LED ceiling light, intelligent LED parking lot light, and much more.

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