Infrared Parking Lot Light

Infrared Parking Lot Light

BVP-3202 (20W) L12300*W150*H65MM
BVP-3201 (16W) L900*W150*H65MM
BVP-3200 (12W) L600*W150*H65MM

1.The infrared parking lot light offers low power consumption which is only 15% of an incandescent light with the same luminous flux.
2. It uses a no flickering frosted cover.
3. The infrared parking lot light is made of light alloy housing. It is durable, anti-corrosion, waterproof and dust-proof.
4. The energy saving mode and stay on mode are optional.
5. The infrared parking lot light offers an integrated infrared detector for each car parking lot light.
6. It uses the fourth generation high-power white LED solid state light source, is green and environment friendly, and has high luminous efficacy. It has a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours.

Technical Specifications of the Infrared Parking Lot Light

Light Source Type T8 Fluorescent Tube BVP-3201
Input Power (W) 40 16
Luminous Flux (lm) 1600 ±100 1600 ±100
Product Quantity (pcs) 1 1
Power Consumption (KW/H) 0.04 0.016
Unit Price/W (RMB/KW/H) 1 1
Electric Toll / Hour (RMB) 0.047 0.016
Lifespan (H) 3000 30000
Tube Need in 3000 Hours (pcs) 10 1
Unit Price for Tube (RMB) 10 180
Total Price for Tubes (RMB) 100 180
Maintenance Fee (10RMB/PCS) 100 0
Total Power Consumption (KW) 1200 480
Total Electric Toll (RMB) 1200 480
Total Cost (RMB) 1400 660

The infrared parking lot light can be used in intelligent lighting and auxiliary management systems in large-scale underground parks.

Using BVP-3201 in 30000h can save: 1400-660=740RMB.

BVLED is an experienced infrared parking lot light manufacturer based in China. We provide T5 LED tube light, LED ceiling light, LED down light, LED spotlight, mesh outdoor and more.

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