Smart LED Corridor Light

Smart LED Corridor Light

Model No.: BVDT-24P00-002/BVDT-36P00-002
Color: WW, PW, CW (optional)

Technical Specifications of the Smart LED Corridor Light

Model No. BVDT-24P00-002 BVDT-36P00-002
Power Consumption 24W 36W
Input Voltage AC100-277V 50/60Hz AC220-277V 50/60Hz
Current ≤150mA ≤220mA
Dimmable Range 2W-24W 2W-36W
Luminous Flux >1600lm >2600lm
Installing Height 2.5-5.5m
Dimension L600mm×W150mm×H65mm L1200mm×W150mm×H65mm
Weight 2.58KG (including the fixed base) 3.40KG (including the fixed base)
CRI ≥80
Working Temperature -20℃~50℃

Our smart LED corridor light has many patents pending internationally for world-first optical communication technology. It offers intercommunication as the lights set in group can be lit up automatically one by one. The light brightness level and lighting time can be programmed via a handhold remote IR programmer. The Smart LED corridor light can automatically dim to 10-50% on standby mode as well as light up 100% once a moving object is detected by the built-in motion sensors. The smart corridor light offers easy installation, and has an unlimited number of uses in office lighting, home lighting, public places, etc.

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