Full Color LED Controller

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Features of the Full Color LED Controller
1. The full color LED controller has a higher refresh rate without frame tearing.
2. The single sending card can support 2048X1280 pixels.
3. It has a support DVI sending card and internet cards, two modes.
4. The full color LED controller has a support PWM type driver IC SM16136 and another brand.
5. It can support accelerating line frequency with no fading current lighting up lamps.
6. The full color LED controller can be connected with a multi-function card through RS485 or 1KM (1G) interfaces.
7. It can ODM to retrieve display or receiving cards' information according to the client's requirement.

Applications the Full Color LED Controller
The full color LED controller is used for higher performance price ratio demands with much better image processing capability, higher color scale, higher refresh rate, etc.

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