Outdoor LED Display Screen Module

Outdoor LED Display Screen Module

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Model No.: BV-Outdoor Module SKD
Category: LED Outdoor Display Screen Module
Color: Full Color 1R1G1B DIP Lamp or SMD 3in1, etc.

Technical Specifications of the Outdoor LED Display Screen Module

No. Specifications BV-Outdoor P10 BV-Outdoor P16 BV-Outdoor P12 BV- Outdoor P18 BV-Outdoor P25
1 Pixel Pitch(MM) 10mm 16mm 12mm 18mm 25mm
2 Pixel Composition 1R1G1B 2R1G1B 1R1G1B 2R1G1B
3 LED Encapsulation Type DIP oval346 SMD5050 DIP oval546
4 LED Chip Sizes 12+13+13(RGB) Epistar+Silan
5 Pixel Density(Dots/M2) 10000 dot 3906 dot 6944 dot 3086dot 1600 dot
6 Module Size(MM) 160 X 160 256 X 256 192X 192 18×576 200X 200
7 Module Resolution(Dots) 16 X 16 1×32 8 X 8

OEM and ODM services are available here.

BVLED is a professional outdoor LED display screen module manufacturer based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including mesh LED display screen module, rental LED down light, LED tube light, and much more.

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